Go Travel Earplanes - Adult Cabin Pressure Relief

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  • Go Travel Ear Planes (425) Adult-Size Cabin Pressure Relief Ear Plugs: soft, hypoallergenic silicone plugs that reduce cabin noise by 20 dB & protect your middle ear from rapid changes in air pressure.

    During take-off and landing of a flight, the filter inside each Ear Plane ear plug slows the shift of air pressure that enters your ear.  This more gradual change in air pressure exerts less stress on the eardrum, reducing overall ear discomfort


    • Insert Ear Planes prior to take-off
    • Feel free to remove Ear Planes at cruising altitude
    • Re-insert Ear Planes 45 minutes prior to landing
    • Micron-sized pores in the filter can become clogged by dust of other minisculre particles in the air over time, so it is recommended that you replace Ear Planes after ~2 weeks